Why Add Mulch To Your Landscape?

Mulch helps to enhance gardens by not only helping them to look beautiful, but to help stop soil from washing away and helps prevent unwanted weed growth out of your garden areas. Mulch also helps keep soil moisture locked in and is a source of nutrients for the plant life around it while acting as an insulate against extreme temperatures.

With over 15 plus years of experience on Marco Island, Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service know what it takes to have clean, lush landscape.

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Available Mulch Types

Premium hardwoods, red shred, and cypress are some decorative colors that are available and are priced at regular retail cost.

Rock, stone, or shell are also available.

Adding Mulch & Annual Flowers To Your Marco Island Landscape | Fortune's Lawn, Land & Tree Service

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers, flowering plants and shrubs, and flowering trees can provide years of color and curb appeal to your property. We live in a tropical paradise and want to help reflect that in your yard and gardens. Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service understands all of the varying species in Southwest Florida. Our knowledgeable team can help make recommendations that are suitable to your taste.


Annual plants are planted one or two times per year. Our installation price varies depending on the plants selected.


Annual plant installation by Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service includes planting labor, potting soil, and starter fertilizer.



Fortune's Lawn, Land & Tree Service keeps your landscape lush and green with our top quality work that's completed on time and within budget. Our highest priority is that our customers are happy with their investment.

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