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Proper and regular fertilization of the plants in your gardens is essential for not only their appearance, but for their year round health overall. The right amount of fertilizer, water, and sunlight helps to promote a healthy root system for your plants. Fertilization performed by Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service is designed to feed your lawn with all the nutrients needed. We utilize a slow release formula that lasts about 2-3 months gives your lawn a thick and healthy green look.

With over 15 plus years of experience on Marco Island, Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service know what it takes to have a vibrant, lush landscape.

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Marco Island Tree Fertilization Experts

Tree specialists know exactly how much fertilizer to give each and every individual tree species. At Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service, we have the skills and knowledge to help care for your tree fertilizer needs.

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Palm Tree Fertilization

Palm trees need fertilizing, too! Palm trees require special care that many other trees do not since they are a tropical plant. By fertilizing with a slow-release fertilizer designed for tropical palm trees, you can help keep its fronds green and strong as the tree will gradually and slowly receive nutrients throughout the months.


Fortune's Lawn, Land & Tree Service keeps your landscape lush and green with our top quality work that's completed on time and within budget. Our highest priority is that our customers are happy with their investment.

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