What We Examine During An Inspection

Inspections performed by Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service involves reviewing all aspects of your lawn, land and trees. This service includes reviewing your current pest control, checking for mold or fungi, confirming the proper cutting of lawn and trees, fertilization, drainage and more. As part of our inspection we look for potential issues that may arise.

With over 15 plus years of experience on Marco Island, the experts at Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service know what to look for while inspecting your property’s landscape.

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We Perform Irrigation Inspections On Marco Island, FL

Irrigation inspections by the professionals at Fortune’s Lawn, Land & Tree Service include checking that there is proper coverage as well as looking for under or over watering.

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Lawn, Land & Tree Inspections

Tree specialists can get high up in a tree to inspect all of its branches to help determine the health of the tree. Our tree professionals can tell if a tree is rotting, or is infested with fungus or insects. If you’re tree looks troubled or concerning, don’t ignore it. Your tree is signaling for help. We will whatever we can to save the tree before ever having to remove it. We will remove the tree if it is dead or a potential hazard.


Fortune's Lawn, Land & Tree Service keeps your landscape lush and green with our top quality work that's completed on time and within budget. Our highest priority is that our customers are happy with their investment.

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We have the knowledge, experience and resources to properly inspect your commercial or residential property on Marco Island.